Monday, February 20, 2017

Where was that Bing Photo taken ?

Have you ever wondered where that Bing login or home-screen photo was taken. Holiday anyone? Well you can find out by going to the Bing Homepage Gallery. There you can find the image, read about it and even download it to make your own custom wallpaper collection.

Automation in the Ivory Towers

I remember a good mentor of mine saying he was happier that his son was going to be a horticulturalist than a banker because he would less likely to be made redundant and because he would be happier. Read this story about automation at "Goldman Sacks" and think about what you would recommend to the younger ones.

Garry has written his first mobile ready app using PowerApps - Read On

I wrote myself a personal specification for an App.  "I need a way to data enter timesheets on a mobile phone so I can replace my browser only Access Web App. " I have now gone live with two people, myself and I. Read and see my first thoughts on Microsoft Power Apps on LinkedIn