Thursday, July 27, 2017

Drag and Drop In MS Access and Conditional Sorting

Drag and Drop In MS Access

Doug was on a roll in January of 2004 when he wrote his article on drag and drop in MS Access. I tested it now using Access 2016 and it still works.  This article shows you how to add drag-and-drop to your Access application using combinations of multi-value and single-value controls.

Supporting Custom Sort Orders

Presenting data to your users in an order that makes sense to them is essential. Both Jet and SQL Server support sorting one or more fields in a table alphabetically, numerically, and chronologically. That’s great, but sometimes you need more options.

The links to both articles and the downloads in Access 2016 format are here

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Conditional Formatting Pro and Opening Any Old File

Article 1

Rick Dobson shows you several powerful ways to implement conditional formats. This includes some VBA programming and debugging techniques.

Article 2

Doug Steele: If I have a document, how can I how can I open it in whatever program is deemed appropriate for that file type?

Head to this page on for links to the full articles plus their downloads. This includes the 2016 accdb files.

NOTES:  If you would like me to publish the download for an article, send me the name of the article using this link and I will put it in my schedule.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Speaking databases, zoom in sub-forms and strategies for solving SQL problems

In the month of January 2006, there were three articles that are still relevant today.

The first article is by Chris Weber and it shows you how you can add a zoom button to datasheet subform.

The second article is by one of the super stars of Smart Access, Doug Steele.  In this article he get MS Access to read text aloud. Make sure you have your headphones on when you test this one in a busy office

The third is one of those challenging articles by the guru of structured query language, Peter Vogel. In his article he provides advice as to how you can understand issues that you are having with your complex sql and then offers advice on how to fix it.

You can read about this articles here at

A new day has dawned and I am on my bike. Will you ride with me ?

Twenty plus years of programming and writing about Microsoft Access programming and tricks and I have come to that point where I have to decide on a new trail for my life and career.

So what is really important for your editor at this stage in life ?

  • I need to get fitter, 10k steps on the fitbit plus eight hours at a desk wasn't working. Body was suffering.
  • I have great support staff to help with the work
  • I like learning about tech and writing about what I have learnt
This decision making coincided with a bike riding holiday in New Zealand and my parents moving on to another decent place. So to cut a long story short, I got into a spot of bicycle blogging on Facebook. This then turned into a website and slowly it dawned on me, I like writing about bike riding and I like exploring and mapping. After all I had a Masters Degree in Land Surveying and all I have ever done is program in Microsoft Access and Fortran and I never mapped anything.

So for you, the Microsoft Access and Office reader this means

  • I am going to work through my website, review every article and make the downloads for those articles free as I do it. I will post those article into this newsletter as I go
  • I will detail my trials and failures about my new bike riding website as I go and post those observations into this newsletter.  
  • On the 20th July, I will add the readers of this magazine into my bike trail magazine so you can keep track of what is happening. You can easily drop out of that newsletter just like you can drop out of this one. I use the services of Aweber to help with all the security and newsletters.
For now, I would like to direct you to an article that I wrote for a Family Travel Blogger called MumPackTravel about my first rail trail biking holiday with three families.  Its should be a reasonably amusing read for you and the pictures of New Zealand are terrific. Click here to read the story. 

Now you are probably asking why write for someone else and write for free. The truth is the www is now so huge, just creating a website and hoping someone will come to it just didn't work in the first few months of So I decided to find people who were interested in my content. This was my first success in that endeavour.  The MumPackTravel website has a lot of followers as detailed on this page.  Now I have my big outside link, my website should get found.  

That's my first Social Media related post, hopefully you won't mind following a new part of my life. Now I need to do a programming article like the good old days.

Garry Robinson
Editor and a person who now rides at least 15km on different trails everyday.