Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Stop the meltdown - Boxing Day and Beyond in Australia

Christmas day in Australia is like most other Christmas days around the world, presents, food, don't give the spare ham to the dog and lying around with too full a belly. But there is one fundamental difference "Its HOT". So as a general rule, the following two or three weeks are not for work, they are scheduled so that you can have some fun whilst you melt.

Firstly there is the Boxing Day dash which can happen in a number of ways

There is the mad dash out of the city - everyone makes the same mistake every year
If you are really mad, you get in a boat and head for the worlds most dangerous ocean and Hobart

If you have no imagination, you head to the "Boxing Day Sales" and use the store card your uncle gave you

More than likely you will aim to end up in a motel or a caravan park somewhere near the water

So now you are established in your now busy caravan park or motel, you can enjoy the heat with just about everyone else. The boring people who are left in the city will find no traffic jams, empty beaches and empty air-conditioned shops to spend uncles store card in peace. It happens every year, that is January in Australia.

I thought I had heard most of the ways to avoid meltdown but this year Sue Waters who works for us visited Parkes in central NSW.  She committed to this last year and arrived in the middle of a heat wave. Imagine donning your Elvis silk and poly and heading outside when it is 111 Fahrenheit. Yep Aussies do silly things in January. Here are some of Sues pictures from the Elvis Festival in January in Parkes  and a few words as well. 

 Sue Writes  Elvis Presley died 40 years ago, but for the last 25 years an Elvis Festival has been held in Parkes in January – 377 kms west (ish) of Sydney.  This year was baking!  The temperature on the Friday reached 44C but still Elvis tribute artists did their thing in the main park in that iconic white jumpsuit.  All that polyester!

 It was a hoot.  On the Thursday evening we went to the Priscilla Dinner where people dressed up just for heck of it (see image), while prizes were given for best Priscilla.

Saturday morning was Parade Day!  Hundreds of Elvis look alikes paraded alongside cars, Californian Police motor bikes, Priscillas and more Elvis related 60s icons than you could possibly imagine.  I’ve never seen so many sideburns, rhinestones, white shoes or sunglasses.

On Saturday afternoon we had front row seats for  the Grand Final of the Elvis Tribute Artist competition, where 8 of the winners from the heats performed 3 songs each.  All amazing.  The winner gets to go to Memphis for the international competition.  

It was fantastic, then came the long ride home in the hot sun.  

You may ask why did you write this Garry and Sue. The reason is its 100 Farenheit outside and its January and we are going crazy.  Have a good day....

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