Friday, June 24, 2016

Something a little different - an electric chopper

After you have digested my introductory article on Excel file types and how they work in Dropbox,

here is a story about a new style of helicopter.  If you live on a farm in remote Australia, this could be just the thing as long as you remembered to charge it on your solar panels the day before.  Enjoy your weekend.   Garry

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Excel Online - An Introductory Piece

An article on Excel Online, Dropbox and filetypes published into LinkedIn.  Have a read and like it to improve its visibility in the LinkedIn network.

The purpose of this is set the framework for using Excel files that end up in the cloud

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

BREXIT The Movie

Very soon it is possible you will hear a lot about Britain voting to leave the European Union.  Its possible that the news will become bigger if the stock markets of the world crash.

To be better informed, I recommend the 1 hour show called Brexit the Movie  I watched the whole story and personally if the value of my superannuation investments fall for a few weeks because the British decide Euro bureaucracy is not necessary, I am fine with that.  I especially recommend watching till the end of the section on British fisherman which is about 10 minutes in.  Very sad.

I apologize for a political post but the reporting on this is one sided and this movie highlights the other side.    Garry Robinson

Microsoft purchases Linked In - Garry is set to DiveIn

You have probably heard the News, Microsoft has stumped up 20 billions or thereabouts for Linked In.  It will remain a separate company with the head of Linked In reporting directly to Microsoft boss Satya Nadella.  A news story about this is here  and the Letter to his employees from the CEO of LinkedIn

So what has this got to do with Garry, your editor.  For a long time I was thinking of putting content into Linked-In as I need the extra eyeballs to With Microsoft now well on the way to being the owner of Linked-In, I may as well publish stories into Linked-In.  My initial thoughts will be discussions on Excel and Access with particular emphasis on Excel cloud spreadsheets.

So please connect to me in Linked-In by searching for Garry Robinson.  Then await my stories.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Web databases - once you are on the wave, it may be hard to get off

Over the years I have had discussions with good Access programmers who have said that they can link to a web database from an Access database. It always sounded a little insecure to me and because my website host didn't offer the same "openness", I just forgot about the process.  This article which discusses a popular free unix database MongodB highlights the issue of open ports. The hack in this instance is simple. One guy produced a search engine that looks into open ports. Another guy uses that search engine to get email address in any database.  I guess the second guy looked for anything with an @ in the word.  So be-warned, don't store native email addresses or passwords in a web database and if your web database sounds too good to easy to get to, at least encrypt your important data.

Huge waves battered Sydney over the weekend, this picture was near Coogee.