Saturday, December 31, 2016

Access Desktop Sputters Back to Life

In 2016, Donald and Nigel surprised all with election results that were obvious if you wanted to look somewhere other than CNN or The Telegraph. The same also applied to the old fashioned world of Microsoft Access desktop solutions because contrary to the prophesies of the IT gurus, MS Access started to crank back into life. "What say you Garry ? " Here were the late surprises as best described in the FMS December newsletter.  Another take on this can be found here in Linked In

  •  MS Access was added to the small business editions of Office 365
  • Support for dBase tables were added back to Access 2016
  • Support was added for links to SalesForce, Dynamics CRM and more
Look these are not huge changes but given that Access is not cloud and its not phone, these are signs that Access is still loved in Microsoft.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Excel at Sub-Totals in the Cloud - Another LinkedIn story

Excel online is different canvas to Excel on the desktop. Your audience is likely to be less familiar with Excel, they are very likely to have a small screen and they probably couldn't "be bothered" to scroll off the first page of your report. In this article I will show you how SubTotals in Excel can make big data concise and then ExcelOnline can expand that information so you can see detailed data.

PS.  Soon I will publish the vba that goes with this article on this page at

The Big One - NZ Earthquake

Recently New Zealand had a monster earthquake centred in the southern island north of near a xmall town called Waiau.  Here is a page with many great pictures and another page showing how far the earth was moved. Finally a huge canyon filmed by drone