Friday, November 11, 2016

Microsoft Access is 24 years old - Its Time to leave home

On November 13th, Microsoft Access will be 24 years old. Here is a timeline commentary from Wikepedia

"1992: Microsoft released Access version 1.0 on 13 November 1992, and an Access 1.1 release in May 1993 to improve compatibility with other Microsoft products and to include the Access Basic programming language.

1994: Microsoft specified the minimum hardware requirements for Access v2.0 as: Microsoft Windows v3.1 with 4 MB of RAM required, 6 MB RAM recommended; 8 MB of available hard disk space required, 14 MB hard disk space recommended. The product shipped on seven 1.44 MB diskettes. And so the story goes and you can read it in Wikepedia.

This old stuff is is all fine but what has Access become in the world of clouds and phones ? Is it like a cat and ready to be replaced by a cute little kitten or is it a teenager that is now 24 years old and really needs to leave the house, get a job in an Office and learn some respect.

Clearly the post about Microsoft Desktop joining the Small Business plans on Office 365 tells you that Microsoft has not given up on MS Access. I was in Seattle this week with other MVP's and now that I have seen what Microsoft has published lately I personally feel that Access has both a place in the world and certainly is ready to do useful work in the Office for years to come.  So now you know my views, Happy birthday MS Access, its time to head off to the real world.

Some of Access 1.0 MVPs at the 2016 MVP Summit
In order top to bottom

Scott, Tom, Peter
Karl, Dirk, Doug, Jack, Andres, Ben
Brent, Andy, Luke, Miriam, George, Adrian, Armen
Jack, Juan, Garry, Jeff

If you want to find out about an MVP, click here

How to give Access a birthday present, next time someone asks you what you are working on, don't just call it an Access database, call it an Access Solution. But if you have a better phrase, Post your alternative words for Access Solution here I will be glad to put it here in the blog.


grovelli said...

I recognize Ade Bell, Armen Stein, Anders Ebro, Juan Soto, Andy Tabisz, Luke Chang, Gary Robinson, Jeff Conrad, Ben Clothier and can you put a name to the Others?

Garry Robinson said...

added first names to post. cheers g

grovelli said...

Thanks, now I can recollect a few more: Brent Spaulding, Scott Diamond, Doug Yudovich, Tom van Stiphout, George Hepworth and Karl Donaubauer
Peter, Dirk, Miriam and the two Jack's last names elude me.
I've personally met Adrian, Armen and Karl during AUG UK meetings.
And yes, Garry with a double r ;-)

Garry Robinson said...

A comment from Mike from South Africa:

As a user since 1994, who is still active as I approach my 77th birthday, I can say without doubt that the ability to get things done quickly is still a major strength. My customers love the speed with which I have delivered improvements and adjustments to their database systems. They also like the ability to design for users who have limited education.-- SMJ (Mike) Young