Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Web: Stories not for the nervous

Copyright A Hitchcock
The other day I was reading about the denial of service attacks that knocked the stuffing out of Netflix and Twitter and others on a Friday night. As the story went, the bad people had taken over everyone's fridges and internet ready coloured lights and caused them to smash the internet.  I found a more informed version of that story here   Before your read my next article, go and check if you still have your wireless router usernames and passwords set to Admin Admin.

The second story is your classic Government doesn't really know how to deliver a service so it employs an expensive contractor. The only thing that is guaranteed in these encounters is that the contractor makes a lot of money, everything else is a matter of chance. In an Australian classic, the government decides that the Census can easily be delivered by asking 20 million people to log in after work into a brand new website. By eight pm, 19 million people were unhappily experiencing crashing forms and spinning hour glasses. Read this classic rotten tomato piece here

The final scary story comes from the land where Lord of the Rings was filmed, good old New Zealand. Many moons ago a research group discovered that they could hoover up data and give it to the people who look after us. Television New Zealand and The Intercept unearthed this rather sad story.


Next week I travel across the world to Seattle to the Microsoft MVP conference. There I will be entertained with the latest and greatest things that the still strong Microsoft Access team have been upto and more-so the successes of Microsoft as a whole. Whilst I will not be able to divulge anything that is NDA, I can guarantee you that there will be a room full of Access MVP's that will pass on a users perspective of the world to the Access team. I have always enjoyed this long trip, I doubt this one will be any different.  Enjoy your weekend.  

Garry Robinson
Access MVP since 2006.

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