Monday, May 09, 2016

An Alternative to the BrowseTo Command

I use Navigation Controls in my software quite a bit. I find them cleaner than Tab Controls and they do have the advantage of automatically shutting down recordsets when you move focus from one navigation button to the next. But I have never actually controlled which button has the focus, I have always left that to the user and just organised the buttons in a sensible order. Of course the day came when I decided to get in Control. This article shows you how.

The BrowseTo Method that I just couldn't get to work

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grovelli said...

"I want the item search box to show all the valid records in the All Stock Navigation tab."
Where's the All Stock Navigation tab? I can't see it in the pictures.

grovelli said...

OpenGJob gstockItemNo.Column(2)
What's OpenGJob?

grovelli said...

Which button do you press to go from figure 2 to figure 3?