Wednesday, March 16, 2016

SQL - A language crafted in another century and still working today

Peter Vogel wrote "The best thing about being familiar with SQL is that it’s supported on virtually every data storage system in the known universe, even if the underlying storage mechanism isn’t relational. If you create a table in Access but want to transfer it to another database system, you may be stuck. But, if you can create the equivalent SQL command for that table, you can just execute that SQL command on your target database system to re-create your table. "  With that in mind, I dug up three of Peters old SQL articles from the pdf files and put them into They are featured in this post.

In this article from way way back, Peter Vogel starts off one of his series of articles on SQL commands by comparing SQL verses DAO for creating and managing tables and adding indexes to those tables.

In the second article, Peter looks at the SQL Alter Command. The Alter command in Access lets you add and delete columns or constraints from your table

In the third article, Peter discusses a SQL keyword that isn’t universal: DistinctRow. This lead us to the universal, and very important keyword, Distinct. On the way,  the impact of indexes on these types of queries is discussed as are Totals queries. Its an interesting read and you will find it here.

I found these articles back in the really old (1997) Smart Access magazines that you can purchase in full here. One day I will get all the good and relevant articles online but they each take over an hour to convert to the web, so don't hold your breathe.

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