Thursday, March 24, 2016

Excel 365 Got Some New Functions

Susan Harkins writes for TechRepublic about 6 new functions that Office 365 now has available. These include

The TEXTJOIN() function combines text from multiple ranges with the added flexibility of a specified delimiter.

Use CONCAT() to combine multiple strings or ranges similar to TEXTJOIN(), but without the flexibility of a delimiter or empty argument.

The IFS() function checks one or more conditions and returns a value that corresponds to the first TRUE condition.

SWITCH() MAXIFS() MINIFS follow similar themes.

I bring these up as it is good to know what the successful office 365 products are upto.  Also be very aware that Excel 365 is a different beast to Excel Desktop. VBA programming is the standout biggest 365 omission.

I recommend trying the free versions of IOS or Android Excel just to get a feel for what is happening in that space. It is a guarantee that you will run into someone who converts to Office 365 and needs help.

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