Monday, February 29, 2016

Are You Paying Attention ?

So you like to read my newsletter, now you will be able to read the book I wrote in 2003. Read on.

Back in 2002 I wrote a book on Access protection and security. It sold thousands of copies and I made about 1$ for every hour I put into it. With the release of Access 2007, 50% of the material became defunct. But that was the bad news, I picked up some important clients as a result of that book and the momentum from that publicity, my Smart Access acquisition and my Access MVP nomination has kept me and a few friends in work for a long time.

So when I worked out a way the other day to convert the book content into, I thought its time for one last little book hurrah.

So every week or two I am going to release a chapter from the book with one caveat. It has to still be relevant. This will restrict me to chapters 1-7 out of a total of 12 chapters.

So here is the link to Chapter 1 {link removed - sign up for newsletter to get the links }, it describes the book and gives a little advice on protecting your Access database. Links to future chapters will be published ONLY in the newsletter and in my twitter feed.

So what is the catch: None really except that you have to read the chapter quickly because when I release Chapter 2, I will take away Chapter 1. The chapters will stay online for a minimum of one week.

Enjoy the read.  Garry

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