Monday, February 29, 2016

Woops - Should Have Called Tech Support

This detailed article on the FBI vs Apple legal case had a little side note according to this Bloomberg article.

"Unfortunately, the FBI, without consulting Apple or reviewing its public guidance regarding iOS, changed the iCloud password associated with one of the attacker’s accounts, foreclosing the possibility of the phone initiating an automatic iCloud back-up of its data to a known Wi-Fi network, which could have obviated the need to unlock the phone and thus for the extraordinary order the government now seeks. Had the FBI consulted Apple first, this litigation may not have been necessary."

Woopsie ! 

Just in-case you think Apple is the only good guy around, Microsoft have been battling with the DOJ to stop their request to hand over Irish server emails. An article on that here.

Are You Paying Attention ?

So you like to read my newsletter, now you will be able to read the book I wrote in 2003. Read on.

Back in 2002 I wrote a book on Access protection and security. It sold thousands of copies and I made about 1$ for every hour I put into it. With the release of Access 2007, 50% of the material became defunct. But that was the bad news, I picked up some important clients as a result of that book and the momentum from that publicity, my Smart Access acquisition and my Access MVP nomination has kept me and a few friends in work for a long time.

So when I worked out a way the other day to convert the book content into, I thought its time for one last little book hurrah.

So every week or two I am going to release a chapter from the book with one caveat. It has to still be relevant. This will restrict me to chapters 1-7 out of a total of 12 chapters.

So here is the link to Chapter 1 {link removed - sign up for newsletter to get the links }, it describes the book and gives a little advice on protecting your Access database. Links to future chapters will be published ONLY in the newsletter and in my twitter feed.

So what is the catch: None really except that you have to read the chapter quickly because when I release Chapter 2, I will take away Chapter 1. The chapters will stay online for a minimum of one week.

Enjoy the read.  Garry

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Reply in Outlook 2013 like the good old days

I just never could get used to the inline replies in Outlook 2013.  Sure they look good but if you click off message, its hard to know what you were working on.  This page explains how to change back to the old way.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Einsteins Gravitational Waves Explained

A 4 minute video courtesy of the New York Times describing how a huge experiment in Louisiana detected a gravitational wave a proton in size. Then it goes on to describe an even bigger experiment in space.