Tuesday, December 15, 2015

3 Surprising Reasons Microsoft Access is a Good Fit for Your Project

 writes a little piece that might help you sell your next Access project. It goes like this.
For IT developers, the truth still remains: Microsoft Access is an excellent option for businesses who need database solutions in a short time frame compared with other technologies, or a solution that can connect to multiple data sources with ease. Access is actually awesome for several types of business projects: Custom Invoice or Quoting Systems, Document Handling Systems or Oil and Gas solutions, the range is truly endless.
Once you have made the transition to Access, you can use the data along with Microsoft's wonderful PowerBI tools to create dashboards and drill down analysis. In addition to avoiding Excel overkill, Access offers a variety of database solutions for businesses with diverse needs. With Access, you can develop personal applications, small business applications, departmental applications, corporation-wide applications, web applications and more.
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