Sunday, December 20, 2015

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Microsoft Surfaces In the real world

The other day I went to my sons secondary school to discuss his progress in year 10 and get his marks. 50 teachers moved around and sat at temporary tables. When asked marks they casually whipped out Microsoft Surface 3's and reviewed a variety of current and past papers and trends amongst his pears. The Surfaces seemed like a very suitable tool for the on the move world of teaching. The school is just a normal Sydney boys high school.

BTW. My son earned his bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich and chocolate milkshake, his marks were up. Now for study and the final big year.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

3 Surprising Reasons Microsoft Access is a Good Fit for Your Project

 writes a little piece that might help you sell your next Access project. It goes like this.
For IT developers, the truth still remains: Microsoft Access is an excellent option for businesses who need database solutions in a short time frame compared with other technologies, or a solution that can connect to multiple data sources with ease. Access is actually awesome for several types of business projects: Custom Invoice or Quoting Systems, Document Handling Systems or Oil and Gas solutions, the range is truly endless.
Once you have made the transition to Access, you can use the data along with Microsoft's wonderful PowerBI tools to create dashboards and drill down analysis. In addition to avoiding Excel overkill, Access offers a variety of database solutions for businesses with diverse needs. With Access, you can develop personal applications, small business applications, departmental applications, corporation-wide applications, web applications and more.
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Thursday, December 03, 2015

From the Microsoft Team - Connecting with our customers on Access UserVoice

Straight from the Access team is this message

Product teams across Microsoft are striving to follow the spirit of being customer focused, and the Access team is no exception. The Access product team has been conducting onsite customer visits and talking to customers from all over the world to learn more about who our customers are and how they use Access in their business and personal lives.

Our goal is to maintain a continuous dialog with the Access community to discover user scenarios, pain points while working with the product, ideas and suggestions for improvements. To achieve this goal, we’ve set up a new dedicated Access UserVoice site. This is a great platform for customers from all over the world to suggest ideas for Access and then vote on them. This platform provides an opportunity for the entire community to voice their opinions and to directly influence the Access roadmap. The Access product team is closely monitoring this site and is responding to suggestions.

Please check out our dedicated site at Access UserVoice and let your voice be heard!