Friday, November 27, 2015

The Big PDF Conversion Part One

One of the problems I had converting the smart access articles when I bought the magazine was that a huge number many of the articles were wrapped up in the published format of the magazine.  I converted many of the articles into html which took FOREVER and many into pdf because that took Less than Forever. Unfortunately the pdf articles were hard to find on my website because the search engine didn't index them. Now I have substantial introductions to the articles in html and that means those articles will be easier to find. Here are links to some of the article that are in pdf from 2003 through to 2006.  I hope you enjoy them because that is all I have time for in this newsletter.

Before you read this list, do you have a work colleague or friend that loves Microsoft Access and may like to read this magazine?  If so send them to the AWeber page where their details will be professionally handled by a large professional company that specialises in email distribution and security. And hopefully they will enjoy the newsletter like you do :)

Navigating through recursion

Dates, Data Access and Presentation

Using Invisible Forms to Track Users

Combining Tables

Using Triggers

Using Invisible Forms to Track Users

Managing Cursors, Quotes, Subforms,and Missing Data

Choosing Options (with Option boxes and other controls)

Deleting Records,Reports, Data Design

Calculating the Median

Replace Your File API’s With The FileDialog Object  

Ordering Controls, Speed Up Remote Databases

Outputting Flexible Report Data

Simplifying Complex SQL

Flexible Normalization and Denormalization

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