Friday, November 27, 2015

The Big PDF Conversion Part One

One of the problems I had converting the smart access articles when I bought the magazine was that a huge number many of the articles were wrapped up in the published format of the magazine.  I converted many of the articles into html which took FOREVER and many into pdf because that took Less than Forever. Unfortunately the pdf articles were hard to find on my website because the search engine didn't index them. Now I have substantial introductions to the articles in html and that means those articles will be easier to find. Here are links to some of the article that are in pdf from 2003 through to 2006.  I hope you enjoy them because that is all I have time for in this newsletter.

Before you read this list, do you have a work colleague or friend that loves Microsoft Access and may like to read this magazine?  If so send them to the AWeber page where their details will be professionally handled by a large professional company that specialises in email distribution and security. And hopefully they will enjoy the newsletter like you do :)

Navigating through recursion

Dates, Data Access and Presentation

Using Invisible Forms to Track Users

Combining Tables

Using Triggers

Using Invisible Forms to Track Users

Managing Cursors, Quotes, Subforms,and Missing Data

Choosing Options (with Option boxes and other controls)

Deleting Records,Reports, Data Design

Calculating the Median

Replace Your File API’s With The FileDialog Object  

Ordering Controls, Speed Up Remote Databases

Outputting Flexible Report Data

Simplifying Complex SQL

Flexible Normalization and Denormalization

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Official 2016 Upgrade Page

Here is a link to a page that Microsoft posted about upgrading to Office 2016.  After inquiring, it turns out that my email host has Exchange 2010 but so I have a way out eventually.  Time to get back on the horse.

Monday, November 16, 2015

"Whoa There Nelly" - Office 2016 Install Is A Horse Without Stirrups

The other day I was reading this article on the Office blog and this comment caught my eye.

7. Can I install a subset of the Office 2016 applications?  No, the ability to selectively install individual applications is not available with Office 2016. 

Bonanza (from Wikipedia)
 So being a good little Office Access MVP, I thought maybe there is a story in that , I can get the pictures of what the install process looks like but not actually install the software. As a veteran of installing every version of Office since Bonanza appeared on TV, I knew I could have a look at the install screens and then cancel at the end.  So I downloaded the combined 64 bit/32 bit Office 2016 ISO install package from MSDN.

I clicked Setup.exe and the words "We will be done in a minute" appeared instantly on my screen. I fell off my horse. I climbed back on and checked to see if Access 2013 was still there, the icon was blanked out. "Whoa there" I cried but alas things seemed to be progressing across the screen. I waited about 10 few moments and then Figure 2 appeared on my screen. I walked my horse back to the saddle yard thinking its 2016, its going to be exciting so I will learn to live with it.

Alas my horse had one last trick up its sleeve. I opened Outlook 2016 and there was the message  "Microsoft Exchange 2007 is not supported". Figure 3.

Alas I have now found out that my service provider for emails is running Exchange 2007 which I have always found to be a really good product. I doubt my service provider will change anytime soon so I guess I will have to unistall 2016. My horse bucked up high and ran out to the far end of the paddock. I now have to go and get it back.

Figure 1 - Instant Setup

Figure 2 - Install Finished

Figure 3 - Exchange Server 2007 Error

Summary:  If Office 2016 on your agenda, prepare well, your old versions of Office are going to be wiped off your computer, your Office VBA references will be made into 2016 references and no doubt there will be other inconsistencies and 2007 Exchange Server will definitely stop you in your tracks.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Setting Up A Survey Database - In Pictures

Hunting thru my old articles and I found one that I never got around to publishing on Survey databases. In the article I give all the basic steps so that you can enter data using Option Boxes (as in Figure 1 below).

Figure 1 - Survey database where users choose from option boxes for each question

Other articles on Surveys at include  Flexible Normalization and Denormalization and an article written by Helen Feddema also on Questionaires

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New Sydney Microsoft Store - Who Says Australia is Backward

The other day I was invited to a preview of the first Microsoft Store outside America. This store is smack bang in the centre of Sydney's main shopping center and will look great when they open it tomorrow, job well done.  The store is packed with lots of Surfaces, Surface Books, a few phones, xboxes, giant touch screens, mice and keyboards. What I liked is Dell and other vendors also got good floor space. An article on the store here but the picture is from another store in USA. More pictures here

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

The New Silk Road

Here is a really interesting 4 part series (45 mins x 4) on the railway and road system that China is building to Europe and even to America eventually.  The scale of project is pretty impressive.  Part one of the series is here

Favourites are not my favourite

In Outlook 2013, I find the Favorites (Favourites English spelling) folders list a little annoying.  The picture below shows you how to turn it off in the Ribbon