Friday, October 16, 2015

Open a Word Template and pass text strings to it using Bookmarks

In this VBA article, I show you how to fire up a word document and fill it with some data. A good example of this is filling in someones address details at the top of letter.

I have used this simple class library on quite a few projects.  Garry

BTW: Never over promise on automating Word, if you promise the world, you may not be able to deliver.


Jon said...

I agree about not over-promising, it can get you into trouble!

Currently, my challenge is taking something like the above, and then posting the resultant document to the correct location in an Office 365/Sharepoint document site. I had originally presumed that I would be able to just save it to a local drive and then have OneDrive for Business desktop sync push the file out, but it looks like our document archive is too large to work that way.

Any suggestions?

Garry Robinson said...

Try synctoy from Microsoft. Thats how I publish from one folder to another. Sorry no other guesses