Saturday, August 22, 2015

Digging Deep Into The Past

Many years ago I was very good at persuading Alta Vista and other search tools at the time to visit my Access web sites.  In sub folders on the sites I even had 10,000 pages devoted to getting link fees from CD Rom and book sites. Each of these pages said little more than If You Want to Hear the Music of The Bla Bla Band, Click here. These pages brought in 500$ a month till Mr Google came along and ignored them.

Hippos at Werribee Zoo
In those days I also had many good Access Articles articles organized to attract the search engines (they were called landing pages) across about 3 different domains. I found a few of them the other day and whilst they are a little old, they are worth bringing back from near extinction to my new site  See if these links get you interested.

A nice introduction into Lookup tables by Doug Thatcher called Lookup Tables – Improve data quality in your database

A simple article by Nirmala Sekhar called Track All Changes Made To A Database

and three pieces by your erstwhile editor entitled Exploring Your Data With Subdatasheets
plus SubDatasheets In Access 2000 
and an article that has been part of many of my jobs called    

Cleaning Up An Access Database

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