Friday, August 21, 2015

Building an Access Database from a Spreadsheet

A number of the Microsoft Access projects that I have been involved with are rescue missions for spreadsheet systems that have outgrown themselves. When I examine these systems they tend to have characteristics such a 12 individual monthly spreadsheets, one yearly spreadsheet that draws the results from the monthly sheets and maybe even another set of weekly report sheets jumbled into the system as well. Once these interlinked spreadsheets hit their second or third year, all the monthly spreadsheets have changed in design and the old information is only accessible by by a lot of manual cutting and pasting.

With good design and a few compromises, you can turn these into database systems that have easier navigation for input for users, report equivalent output and they do not require spreadsheet skills to run. This article tries to capture the techniques that I have used over the years to get these conversion projects up and running smoothly

FYI: I am currently working through my old content that didn't make it into the conversion.   This is one of those stories.  Apologies for lack of content lately, life's deck of cards haven't been so good lately. 

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