Saturday, August 29, 2015

2015 Microsoft MVP Virtual Conference for Access

Julian Kirkness, Brent Spaulding, Crystal Long, and Pat Wood discuss Access Web Apps on the Microsoft video channel. This also includes demonstrations of linking to SQL Azure from Access, Excel, and SQL Server Management  

NOTES:  This video is ranking no 2 from the conference

and a few more photos from the slide decks



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Crystal said...

Garry, thank you for posting this. I hope the presentation gives others new ideas and comfort to build an Access App. The first part of the presentation is for those who are starting out and shows a simple web app. Julian then demonstrates a complex Access App, Pat talks about a Grow-Up Path, and Brent finishes up showing how to connect to data in the cloud from the desktop ... Access desktop client database, Excel workbook, and SQL Server Management Studio.

I enjoy reading your blog. You have lots of great information. Thank you, Garry

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