Saturday, June 20, 2015

Building using Azure

If you are a little old school and build a website using old ftp technologies, Microsoft's very successful Azure has a  Content Deployment that uses Dropbox and other modern cloud synchronization tools. The interesting thing about this is that you can build a website completely on your desktop and not worry much about the internet at all. And if you were happy hosting content in a site called, you could be off and racing in short period of time.  Anyway to get a feel for what I now do to publish to Azure, look at the pictures on this page.

My Sharepoint Web Site Is Closing

The sharepoint public facing website is almost closed.  This photo describes this short adventure for me. is the new star. It runs on Microsoft Azure websites. It is really fast and I will bet it is one of the few websites that provides not only search but indexed words to find content. Give it a rip, I certainly haven't wasted my recent research time. :)