Thursday, January 15, 2015

2014 - New Ways of Navigating in Access

Last year was the first time that I used the Navigation control in a substantial project. The navigation control works and looks a Tab control but I was drawn to these feature of the Navigation control, articulated well by Ken Getz at Microsoft and quoted below.

"The load-time behavior is different for the two types of controls. The navigation form loads each child form or report on demand (that is, as you click the corresponding tab). The Tab control, however, loads all its child objects as it loads. Not only does this affect performance (when you open the main form, you must wait while the Tab control loads all its child objects), but it can also make it difficult when handling querying data. Because the navigation form loads each form as you click the corresponding tab, you can be certain that users see the most current data, without a need for you to create specific code that re-queries the form as users click each tab. "

In figure 2 below, I have a number of forms with a Navigation control that show warranty jobs that progress from started through to full repair or replacement.

Just in case you are unfamiliar with Navigation controls, the data property of each navigation tab is where you define the form that belongs to that button (read tab) as show in figure 3 below.  BTW. A navigation control can go vertical rather than horizontal.
Figure 2 - lots of navigation buttons organised like a tab

Figure 3 - define the form that applies to the navigation button

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