Thursday, January 29, 2015

2014 - Access Web Apps - Send Emails

Jeff Conrad from Microsoft just posted this new email event feature for Access web apps.  I have been using it in our Timesheet app for a few months now and it works well.  The trick I use is to get it to post to SharePoint account and then AutoForward the emails from that SharePoint account to my own account where I collect my emails.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

SharePoint Public Facing Websites are Being Phased Out

I was notified by one of my readers that Office365 wouldn't let him create a public facing SharePoint website. This is detailed here at Microsoft and covered by ZdNet in this article. I will have more on this in the future. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Australia Day Iconic Photo

This selection of photos of people lying on blow up footware in blue water on Australia day will surely make you want to fly to Australia on a one way ticket. Unfortunately our local attempt at Bondi was cancelled due to rough conditions (and a bit of rain).  Finally good luck to all those in the New York - Boston areas with that huge snow storm. Garry

2014 - Switching Versions of Access

I invite anyone else to join in by following this article's link to and tell us your own way of switching Access versions (2013, 10, 7, 3). In the meantime lets get started with some ideas.

Scott McManus writes "The biggest thing for me is using Hyper V to manage different versions of Microsoft Access.  Scott discusses hyper V, the Access document search function and OneDrive for Business and SharePoint here

Ian Andrew from Canberra uses the Access icons on the taskbar as his database work is in 2010 and 2007.  He finds that and the MRU list in Access is enough.

León Carpay, a DataWareHouse specialist from Amsterdam and a long time user of the Access Workbench said "I’m really enjoying working with 123 for Microsoft Office though I do miss the version number feature of the Workbench". Don't worry Leon, there is a way around this which I will explain one day.

Garry, your editor, used to use The Access Workbench to switch versions  of Access.  Now I use 123 for Office which does switch versions of Access but has a smaller feature set than the good old Workbench. Alas I had to give up visual basic 6 eventually. That said, it now opens my most used Word and Excel files as well. I wrote the program, I had to give it a plug. 

123 for Microsoft Office in action

Chernoblyl Photographed from A Drone

Here is a neat video and story about the devastated lands that were Chernobyl. Its a lot more than just a ruined power station and the photography is well worth the trip.

Given that Chernobyl is in Ukraine, why not try an essay that discusses the different way that Russians handle adversity. Given the hoopla that is cranked out daily in the press about the how Russia is the bad guy in the Ukraine, its worth a read.  

2014 - Sue used these techniques a few times

Sue Waters came up with this list of code that she has been attaching to her databases in 2014

  1. Using reg keys with Access for keeping client settings, including client specific backend
  2. Giving user menu option to compact and repair currently connected backend
  3. Giving user menu option to change backend
  4. Adding ALL xx option to a combo box - eg. Combo box of all company divisions, and also having ALL DIVISIONS as default first option in drop down.
An article on Reg key 1) and Combo Box 4) can be found in the first link on this page

2014 - Outer Joins - How to write a query that gets all values from two tables

We continue the series of articles on things that helped us get through our Microsoft Access 2014 year with a piece from Kent Gorrell in Brisbane.

"What is an Outer Join? If we have two tables, in this example Sales and Orders and we want to see a full list of customers who have placed Either an Order or a Sale and also see the details of both. And not only that, we want to see what they haven’t done."

Click on the Outer Joins link on this page for the article

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Along with Windows 10 launch, is an interesting new interface that uses holograms that are projected into your real field of vision. Read all about it here and if your kids are into MineCraft, you will see how you can build MineCraft into your living room.

Friday, January 16, 2015

2016 - January - Microsoft Access, Boat Cricket and a large Pina Colada

Armen Stein and Andy Tabisz have just announced a Microsoft Access conference on a cruise liner in the Caribbean. This is defiantly a first for venues for Access conferences but its old hat for JStreet Technology as they have run many Access Day conferences before. Head to JStreets website to dream and book

Thursday, January 15, 2015

2014 - Starting a Database with a Bat File

A flying fox (an Australian bat)
To make it easier to install a new version of a database on a users desktop, its good to copy the latest version of the database to the local drive of the computer before you open it. Here is the way we do it, most professional Access developers will have their own technique but I like the startup method on this page.

2014 Trick - Open the same form twice

Imagine if you have designed a Access form that shows everything about a customers order on the screen. The customers ask you something and you know it will take a few minutes to sort out so you say "I will get back to you".  Then another customer calls about a different order which you now have to search for. If you open the detail form for the second customer, it is likely the first order form will be closed and the new customers order details will replace the other customers information. This is annoying at best.

Here is how you solve this, open the form as a form class instance.  I discuss this technique in pdf article here. To find the relevant text, you will need to go down to the page that starts with "Open the same form twice".  There are a few tricky things involved in this topic but you are a good Access developer, its good dependable gear.

In the following image you will see the same form opened 3 times for 3 different warranty claims. In this case the application is running in Tabbed Document mode.

2014 - New Ways of Navigating in Access

Last year was the first time that I used the Navigation control in a substantial project. The navigation control works and looks a Tab control but I was drawn to these feature of the Navigation control, articulated well by Ken Getz at Microsoft and quoted below.

"The load-time behavior is different for the two types of controls. The navigation form loads each child form or report on demand (that is, as you click the corresponding tab). The Tab control, however, loads all its child objects as it loads. Not only does this affect performance (when you open the main form, you must wait while the Tab control loads all its child objects), but it can also make it difficult when handling querying data. Because the navigation form loads each form as you click the corresponding tab, you can be certain that users see the most current data, without a need for you to create specific code that re-queries the form as users click each tab. "

In figure 2 below, I have a number of forms with a Navigation control that show warranty jobs that progress from started through to full repair or replacement.

Just in case you are unfamiliar with Navigation controls, the data property of each navigation tab is where you define the form that belongs to that button (read tab) as show in figure 3 below.  BTW. A navigation control can go vertical rather than horizontal.
Figure 2 - lots of navigation buttons organised like a tab

Figure 3 - define the form that applies to the navigation button

What Access technologies worked for us in 2014

Welcome readers to 2015, I hope it lives upto your expectations.

In this newsletter I thought it would be useful for you, the Access or Office professional user to know what I found important when my company was developing software in 2014. The tips and tools that I list are in no particular order. If you have experience with the tip that I mention and can find a well written resource on the web on that topic, post it into the blog comments with the article.

Garry Robinson
Access MVP since 2006