Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Public Site Access Web App You Can Try

NOTE: Public facing website are being phased out

I was looking around my downloads the other day and I found the database that Peter Vogel wrote to manage Smart Access. Looking into it, I thought it could be a good way to further experiment with Access 2013 Web Apps. So I imported the data into a New Web App.
24 hours elapsed time including maybe 3 hours of programming and 6 hours of fiddling with data and here it is.
You do not need any permission to run the app, it is readonly. The purpose of it is to allow you to navigate to articles in the website in different ways than Good Old Search.
Here are some samples starting with the Articles View.
Then there is the Keyword search form which I quite like. This uses a datasheet sub view.
The important thing to remember when using this Web App for the first time is that you can quickly filter the list by entering a search term in the “Filter the List” box.
Enjoy this App and come back later to use it again to search

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