Sunday, October 19, 2014

Win a copy of Professional Access 2013 Programming by Teresa, George, Ben and Dagi

Contact me here to be in the running to win 6 copies of Professional Access 2013 Programming in eBook form.

Correct entries will be drawn by using the rand() function in Excel and those with highest random value will win and I will announce the winners here and by email by the middle of November.


Winners names are


Garry Robinson
Access MVP since 2006

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Two Things I Learnt Making My Second Access Web App

Web apps are being closed down in  2018

When making my first web app, I charged at the App like a bull in a china shop and didn’t really pay much attention to the whole App building experience.
With my second App I noticed two important things
Tip 1: Importing Auto-number Related Tables Make Life So Much Easier
Access Web databases love Autonumber fields so much that they will always add one for you. So if you want to save yourself a lot of time, make sure the Primary Key in the database you are converting is Autonumber and the Key in the Related table is Long Integer.  This is really important because the Web Forms Access creates for you relies on these features to set up the Automatic forms. So even if you don’t understand this concept now, be prepared to rewrite the parts of your online database to suit this model before you import. And believe me you will import your database a few times before you get it right.
Tip 2: A Desktop Database with Read-Write Linking Is Essential
The second thing I found I just had to have was a read-write connection to the Office365 tables to change and add data. This is explained in this video
To explain why this is important, consider this simple example. In the online Authors tab at, I was showing Authors that had written for Smart Access but there was no actual article online. This meant viewing that person drew a blank in the related articles list. So to solve this I am going to add Yes/No field called ArticleOnline in the Office365 database as in the picture below.

Now I need to populate that field and because I am an older mouse, I like to follow old paths to solve problems the same way as I am used to. So I open my Read-Write connected database and build a normal update query. In the picture below you can see the query on the right and on the left you see the World Icons in the linked fields. These are ODBC links to the Office 365 database. So as the simple linking of the tables fulfils my Yes/No test, I can run the query.

Now I can make a small change to my Access Web Form so that it filters on the Yes/No field as in the following picture
 If you don't think connecting using linked tables is important, try programming XML packets to transfer data, its 100 times more difficult.
Garry Robinson
Editor of

A Public Site Access Web App You Can Try

NOTE: Public facing website are being phased out

I was looking around my downloads the other day and I found the database that Peter Vogel wrote to manage Smart Access. Looking into it, I thought it could be a good way to further experiment with Access 2013 Web Apps. So I imported the data into a New Web App.
24 hours elapsed time including maybe 3 hours of programming and 6 hours of fiddling with data and here it is.
You do not need any permission to run the app, it is readonly. The purpose of it is to allow you to navigate to articles in the website in different ways than Good Old Search.
Here are some samples starting with the Articles View.
Then there is the Keyword search form which I quite like. This uses a datasheet sub view.
The important thing to remember when using this Web App for the first time is that you can quickly filter the list by entering a search term in the “Filter the List” box.
Enjoy this App and come back later to use it again to search

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Demonstration of the Slider Keyboard on Windows Mobile 8.1

Hello Readers.  With all the hype for iPhone 6, Windows Mobile 8.1 was released without dramas onto my Nokia 1020 phone.  Here is a demonstration of a feature that I have missed since I left my Google phone in the drawer, a slider keyboard entry system.  See the keyboard demonstration on YouTube here

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Windows 10 - the first demo

Windows 7 menus meet Windows 8 live tiles. That's Windows 10 and here is a good 40 minute video.  For ultra geeks, 27 minutes into the talk is a demo of new features in the cmd window (dos window).