Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Access Web Apps - Cough up 50$ and get on with it

Ok, I know I have been banging on about Access Web Apps and I really haven't told you how to get started. In Office 365 there is currently the offer of a 10 users free trial of Small Business Premium (Soon to be called Business Premium). Here is my tip, don't bother with the free trial, go with a one user licence of Small Business (Soon to be called Business Essentials) and cough up the 5-6$ a month for a year.


  1. Its going to take more than a month before you really get a hang of it unless you are a 24/7 sort of person.
  2. If you get the Small Business Premium 10 user licence, you probably will need to contact a technician to turn it back into a Small Business licence.
  3. There is a chance when switching between the Small Business products that you will lose the SharePoint sub-domain name that you started with and the data that went with it. I nearly did because of my procrastination :(
  1. I did quite a bit of work with adding domain names and setting up Public Facing SharePoint sites. As some of this was hard to get right, I had to call both the technicians at Telstra T-Suite Australia and Microsoft. Both organisations provided fantastic support.
  2. I found it really useful to use a second domain name whilst setting up the website. SharePoint allows you to switch between domains whilst you are working on your public website.
Garry Robinson

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Andy Lecap said...

I am developing an Access Web app for a client at present. I have come across several system errors which have caused me to spend lots of hours trying to find solutions. I am fast coming to the conclusion that Access Web Apps is not fit for purpose and will stick to desktop versions or jump ship to Filemaker or Alpha Anywhere.