Sunday, August 31, 2014

Stop Press: is now hosted by Office 365

A month ago I decided to see if I could transfer from a traditional ftp hosted site to SharePoint. You know the story, looks like it will be over in a few days but instead it blows out.  Finally most of the heavy lifting is over and the SharePoint version of is live. 300 articles, 150 pdf articles, 1000's of pictures and many links. 

Summary:  Works pretty good on a mobile phone, search is way better and now includes the pdf files and  I am building my skills in SharePoint.

The job was undertaken with the Metalogix Content Matrix Console - Web Edition

Screen capture of on Win Mobile 8

Monday, August 04, 2014

Access Web App technology is important as demonstated in this talk.

In this talk at SharePoint 2014 USA, the very important topic (to SP people) of what is happening to InfoPath and Forms in SharePoint 2013+ featured a lot of Access technology. To be more precise, Access forms were displayed in the great Excel Web Surveys (Available now), List Forms (Later 2014 and displayed in the talk) and there was even a good demo of Access 2013 at the 33rd minute of the talk.  This happened in front of a big audience of over a 1000.  In slide 1, a green tick shows where the Access web form technology is used and in slide 2, you will see where the Access web app is demonstrated in the video. If there are InfoPath users reading this, don't panic, its still being supported for many years to come according to the talk.


Sunday, August 03, 2014

Access Web Apps Home Page at

I have created a page at where I will put most of the links and detail pages on the Access 2013 Web apps technology.  If anyone has a resource page or video they would like to share, post it here

In last weeks competition, Jeff Pye and Robb Wait won copies of Professional Access 2013 Programming ebook.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Forget the lamp posts - glow in the dark trees


A really great story (unless you don't like tampering with nature) about an invention that has managed to pass the glow in the dark properties of jellyfish into plants.

See an Access Desktop App running normally using cloud data and more

This edition I have some more videos on Access Web Apps from my talk at the Aussie SharePoint conference. 

Video 4 describes what you get when you start a Web App from scratch. Its a bit different to ordinary Access desktop so its worth reviewing the features. Video 5 shows a desktop running with all the data in the cloud.  This totally rocks and speaking of which, its rock solid with SQL Server on Azure and ODBC connections. Video 6 explains how you setup the ODBC so you can connect your desktop with a read/write connection to SQL Server in the cloud.

If you followed last weeks newsletter and watched the videos, you are now up to video 4.  Here is the full deck of Access Web App videos on YouTube.