Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sydney SharePoint Conference in July

I am speaking at the Sydney ShareThePoint conference on July 15th. The Agenda for the conference is here

My 1hr talk is advertised as follows

Access MVP Garry Robinson now collects billing and to-do items from 5 sub-contractors across 30 projects in using an Access 2013 Web App. It's secure, contractors only see the projects they are assigned to and it runs well in all browsers and even on iPads.

In this session, Garry will address these points:
What have I learnt in the short time that I have been developing the system ?
How would an Access Web App fit into a SharePoint world?
What about Office 365, do Access Web apps have a future in the cloud?
And where does the legacy desktop database fit in ?

Hope to see you there   

Garry Robinson
Microsoft Office Access MVP


grovelli said...

Hi Garry, would a recording of your presentation be available?

Leonidas said...

yeah, I would like the recording too Garry as I'm in the same position: having to adapt to sharepoint as my new rad-tool ;)

Garry Robinson said...

You can be assured that most of the content from the talk will be part of my newsletter. Most likely links will be available here