Saturday, June 07, 2014

Impress the Head Of the IT Department For the First Time

If you tell the head of IT in a large company that you are thinking of writing an Access Desktop database running on a file server, he/she would probably ban it.  I know that you would probably be successful but the IT manager would probably not be happy. Most of my business in big companies has been with technical managers who haven’t involved the IT department. Please don’t tell them

If you were to tell the same head of IT that you were going to write a database that was secured by SharePoint, hosted in SQL Server, very efficient in how it used SQL Server and that it ran on any HTML5 ready browser, he/she would probably be a happy person.

In a similar vein, if you told a manager of a company that ran its businesses across multiple locations around the country that you could write a database that used SharePoint security, SQL Server and HTML 5. If you then said the database could be running in Office 365 anytime, I think you may have an interested boss.

This brings me to my story. I am now running my company’s important time sheets collections in the cloud.  For the last 7 years, provided us with simple html screens where each contractor that works for me would only see the projects that they were assigned to at that time. Entering timesheets was very easy and could be done from any browser. I downloaded the information from BaseCamphq and produced invoices and management reports in an offline Access database.
We are now doing our data collection in an App that I wrote for the Cloud in 3 weeks part time. I have configured the App to work securely like BasecampHq did. I have also set it up so that all our desktop billing software works the same as before. Can you guess what program I used to build the online HTML5 interface to SQL Server hosted in Office365  ?  Stay tuned  …

This was posted as a youtube video here

Garry Robinson - Manager of a handful of very good Access developers in Australia

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