Friday, June 27, 2014

Read this to feel PtrSafe about Office 64 Bit compatibility

If you write Microsoft Access databases with basic VBA code and no fancy Windows calls, you will find your database will run with Office 32 bit and Office 64 bit with no problems. But if you have used fancy windows library calls, you are likely to get this bug

Compile error 
The code in this project must be updated for use on 64-bit Visual Basic VBA7. Please review and update Declare statements and then mark them with the PrtSafe attribute.

This issue is discussed in detail here at Microsoft and Conditional Compilation is discussed here

Better still, here is an article by Garry that explains conditional compile in more detail

Thursday, June 12, 2014

19 mod 5 <<< Does this ring a bell

If I typed

ival = 19 mod 5
msgbox "The answer is " & ival

or what would I get for

 22 mod 10

Read about the mod operator here     Sorry no clues, this is good to work out.

If you head to, choose the Index words Key (see picture), and type Mod, you will find a few articles where Mod is used.

Sydney SharePoint Conference in July

I am speaking at the Sydney ShareThePoint conference on July 15th. The Agenda for the conference is here

My 1hr talk is advertised as follows

Access MVP Garry Robinson now collects billing and to-do items from 5 sub-contractors across 30 projects in using an Access 2013 Web App. It's secure, contractors only see the projects they are assigned to and it runs well in all browsers and even on iPads.

In this session, Garry will address these points:
What have I learnt in the short time that I have been developing the system ?
How would an Access Web App fit into a SharePoint world?
What about Office 365, do Access Web apps have a future in the cloud?
And where does the legacy desktop database fit in ?

Hope to see you there   

Garry Robinson
Microsoft Office Access MVP

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Use Your Skills as A Database Developer to create a Web/Sharepoint App

Access Web Apps are being closed down in 2018

In my blog post entitled Impress the Head Of the IT Department For the First Time,  I said that I had adopted a new development tool for collecting data in the cloud. That tool is the spanking new 2013 Microsoft Access Web App environment.

Access Web Apps are new and powerful edition to SharePoint 2013. They provide you with a rapid way to generate an interface that runs on PC's, iPads and Android and can be viewed in Firefox, Opera, IE and Chrome. But its what the interface sits on that is most impressive, clean crisp screens that use SharePoint security fronting SQL Server both on-premise and in the cloud. Even the macro environment, much despised in desktop Access, produces SQL Server stored procedures.  But who cares about all that, does it work?   YES.

If you click here, you can see some screens from the Access Web App that we are running to manage task lists and timesheets (for billing) on Office 365.

But as you probably want to find out what Access Web Apps are all about, I strongly recommend this presentation from Jeff Conrad and Chris Usher entitled Anyone can build a SharePoint App with Microsoft Access.  It goes for a full hour so settle back with a beer and some nachos and enjoy.

Happy Garry
Before you get worried that everyone will be developing Access Web Apps, I am of the belief that Access desktop developers with patience and a good knowledge of what Web Apps can do will be very well suited to this "Totally Different Development Environment". The exception to this will be those who expect the same old Access Desktop in the web. That ain't happening any time soon.

I am a happy man, this new environment could well become one of the most productive environments in the cloud just like Access still is on the desktop and on file servers.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Impress the Head Of the IT Department For the First Time

If you tell the head of IT in a large company that you are thinking of writing an Access Desktop database running on a file server, he/she would probably ban it.  I know that you would probably be successful but the IT manager would probably not be happy. Most of my business in big companies has been with technical managers who haven’t involved the IT department. Please don’t tell them

If you were to tell the same head of IT that you were going to write a database that was secured by SharePoint, hosted in SQL Server, very efficient in how it used SQL Server and that it ran on any HTML5 ready browser, he/she would probably be a happy person.

In a similar vein, if you told a manager of a company that ran its businesses across multiple locations around the country that you could write a database that used SharePoint security, SQL Server and HTML 5. If you then said the database could be running in Office 365 anytime, I think you may have an interested boss.

This brings me to my story. I am now running my company’s important time sheets collections in the cloud.  For the last 7 years, provided us with simple html screens where each contractor that works for me would only see the projects that they were assigned to at that time. Entering timesheets was very easy and could be done from any browser. I downloaded the information from BaseCamphq and produced invoices and management reports in an offline Access database.
We are now doing our data collection in an App that I wrote for the Cloud in 3 weeks part time. I have configured the App to work securely like BasecampHq did. I have also set it up so that all our desktop billing software works the same as before. Can you guess what program I used to build the online HTML5 interface to SQL Server hosted in Office365  ?  Stay tuned  …

This was posted as a youtube video here

Garry Robinson - Manager of a handful of very good Access developers in Australia