Saturday, April 19, 2014

Compacting a database is now as easy as 123

Two months ago I released a new program called 123 for Microsoft Access. I had some comments and on reflection I decided it was too tricky for the average Joe. So I completely rewrote it to be more Office centric and its now called 123 for Microsoft Office and its a lot easier to use. Think of it as a collection of smart shortcuts for your current Office files and databases.

To illustrate how easy it is to compact a database that someone has open, here are the steps to setup a 123 shortcut and Compact the database.

Click on Select a File

Choose a MDB or ACCDB file

Your 123 shortcut looks like this, the people icon displays if database is IN USE

Click Compact. If the database is IN USE, Compacting will be attempted again in 10 minutes

Once everyone leaves the database, it will be Compacted
The next time you open the 123 program, click Compact and it will do it in one step. If it wasn't successful last time, it will click Compact for you automatically.

Check out and download 123 here   If you can, use Internet Explorer to download the program as its easier.

Garry Robinson
Office Access MVP since 2006


grovelli said...

Hi Garry, I don't quite understand the Save To/Backup Folder/Sub folders command. If I select it, it zips all the files in the folder containing the selected file into a zip file which is unclear where it is saved.

grovelli said...

Also, what's the purpose of the Office 2010 command?

Garry Robinson said...

If you look to the right of the Save To menu there is a black text box. In that it will say something like "Every file in C:\123Invoices\ folder has been compressed to C:\Users\Peter\backup

Garry Robinson said...

The Office 2010 menu tells you what version of Office you are going to open the file with. You will only see this Menu if you are using more than one version of Office. So if you click on Office 2010, you will see either Switch to Office 2007, 2013, or 2003. Once you click on one of those, the file in the same box will be opened with that version of Office. It was tricky to setup, happy to know if there is a flaw in this menu.