Thursday, March 27, 2014

Access Web Apps - A Good Video Presentation

Access Web Apps are being closed down in 2018

Jeff Conrad and Chris Usher gave a 1 hour and 10 minute presentation on Access Web Apps at the recent SharePoint Conference.   The talk is hosted on the Microsoft Web site.  I would recommend that you throw this up on the screen, grab a drink and a snack and watch it when you have some free time.

Here are my takeaways.

This technology is where most of the new features of Microsoft Access are going.

Access Web apps are a feature of SharePoint and Office 365. Both of these are important to Microsoft.

The engine behind the tables that Access Web uses is SQL Server and SQL Server in Azure. So your data is being stored in a world class database.

The samples of the interfaces that you can create are world class for the internet. I know the we have been building these sort of interfaces in Access on the desktop for a long time but tab controls, sub forms, combo boxes are hard work on the web and Access Web does it pretty easy.

Wave good bye to VBA on the web. It ain't happening any time soon. You need to get into macros, data macros and just learn to go with the great interfaces that Access can produce.

There are some good curly questions starting at the 1hr 5 minute mark.

Here are links to other talks at the SharePoint Conference.

SPC338: The 'how to' guide for selling and managing SharePoint Apps built using Access

SPC335: Rich extensions to SharePoint Apps using Microsoft Access

Here are some screen shots from the first presentation


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Nice video, I think that MS Access is the best way to help a small business and they are focused on that.
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