Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Microsoft Access database management is now as easy as 123

With Windows 8 taking hold, it was time to rewrite the Access Workbench. So I hid in my bunker and ground out a new version with a much simpler interface. The program is called 123

The software is free and live here   

<<< I have changed the link since the newsletter went out >>>

The program makes compacting easier, backups easier and it handles the issues you have when users have your database open.

Notes: Installation is much easier with Internet Explorer. Please submit comments here

Monday, February 03, 2014

The PaperClip Returns - Toshiba Laptop Reset Trick

A Toshiba Satellite laptop that I own shutdown and then wouldn't do anything. In the old days, I would pull out the battery with the power off and that would reset it. In this laptop the battery is built into the frame like an ipad. The solution (after talking to the support guy) was to unplug the laptop and put a safety clip (not pin) into a very small hole in the corner. This reset the computer.  Then I could resume as normal.