Thursday, November 21, 2013

How do people get a barcode on a report ?

Just in case you didn't know, you can add a bar code to a report by adding a Bar Code font.  Then you simply put the numbers/text you want in the report and change the font to the bar code font and hey presto, there is the barcode. 

If you look at the second picture you will see the barcode font in action where the Barcode says Hello Readers. 

Garry Robinson

There was an article on barcodes in Smart Access back in the 90s.


Marshall Smith said...

As a note, be sure to both read the documentation of your barcode font and test it with a scanner. Some require that you add symbols such as pipes or asterisks in order to be interpreted by the scanner.

Also, remember that all of your users will need to have the font installed on their local machines.

bizen61 said...

I use "StrokeScribe" in my access application for proffessional code bar scanning. It's great and cheap.