Thursday, August 08, 2013

Complex Tab Order - Tip

When you have finished most of the work on an Access form, you need to fix up the Tab Order or people will jump around fields in your form. Usually you would do this with the Tab Order wizard or use Auto Tab. If you have too much of a scrambled order, view the Other Tab in the Properties of your field(s). enterthe correct tab order number into the Tab Index property. Access moves all the fields from that index number further down the order.  So now you can move around the form typing 1,2,3,4, etc. manually till you get to the last field.  Much quicker than the Tab Order wizard.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Emails - Everyone has a (different) system

I love discussing how people manage their emails, its clearly a huge topic with just about everyone. Weirdly though its not a topic that seems to warrant training in companies. Sure they have their spam systems and filtering systems but they never seem to suggest a uniform way to approach email.

Techniques that people use are
- never file, just leave them in the inbox
- move emails to other email folders
- move emails to physical folders (this one happens at places where IT departments clean out old emails automatically)
- one person opens every new email and leaves it open, she doesn't leave until she has actioned every one (she gets a lot so its a lot of open windows) and closed them

Here are a list of techniques that are worth thinking about. 

To add to that, I would suggest
- making some email rules to automatically move news emails into another folder so they don't clog up the inbox
- making sure that your mobile and tablet can be used to file your emails (move folder)
- turning emails into Tasks with dates and Calendar items so that you act on them at the correct time.

Garry Robinson