Thursday, July 25, 2013

Windows 8 Is Pretty Good

Sitting on a comfy couch or a bed with an Ipad for a browser is a lot more relaxing than a Win 7 laptop and a hell of a lot more fun. I have been doing it for a year or three already.  But if your laptop is equipped with a touch screen, its a whole different story because now you have gestures at your fingertips and a lot more real-estate to see things.

In the first picture, I am running the Win8 version of IE and I pull down the list of open IE windows. This is nice.  In the second screen the internet web address window is really handy with a list of recent sites that you have visited. In the third picture I am using the great Win 8 reader app. It shows news like a newspaper with narrow columns for easy reading.

So in a nutshell, next time you go looking for a computer or a browser device, give a touch screen Windows 8 pc a lot of thought. I did and I am happy I made a good choice even with a 2hr battery life and a fan whirring away in the background.

Figure 1 - pull down to see open IE tabs


Figure 2 - Web Address bar is very useful
Figure 3 - Windows 8 Reader looks like a real newspaper


Elite Systems said...

I wonder if any access developers had tried to access the Windows 8 Touchscreen api so that gestures could be added into an access app. I'm working on a large application with a developer, and he hasn't done much with the windows api. Has anyone attempted this. My app is being deployed onto windows 8 touchscreen tablets, using access.

Garry Robinson said...

I personally would not take an access solution into this level of windows calls. But I would look at my access interface and think how could someone use my database without using a keyboard. For example a combo boxes has a dropdown method that makes the combo box open when the user clicks on the combo box. This beats clicking on the little arrow with your fat finger.