Thursday, July 25, 2013

Windows 8 Is Pretty Good

Sitting on a comfy couch or a bed with an Ipad for a browser is a lot more relaxing than a Win 7 laptop and a hell of a lot more fun. I have been doing it for a year or three already.  But if your laptop is equipped with a touch screen, its a whole different story because now you have gestures at your fingertips and a lot more real-estate to see things.

In the first picture, I am running the Win8 version of IE and I pull down the list of open IE windows. This is nice.  In the second screen the internet web address window is really handy with a list of recent sites that you have visited. In the third picture I am using the great Win 8 reader app. It shows news like a newspaper with narrow columns for easy reading.

So in a nutshell, next time you go looking for a computer or a browser device, give a touch screen Windows 8 pc a lot of thought. I did and I am happy I made a good choice even with a 2hr battery life and a fan whirring away in the background.

Figure 1 - pull down to see open IE tabs


Figure 2 - Web Address bar is very useful
Figure 3 - Windows 8 Reader looks like a real newspaper

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

I Love Tempvars

I have posted on this before but as I keep going back to this page all the time to make sure I have the syntax correct, I guess its ok to mention it again.  Tempvars were introduced in 2007 to support SharePoint. You are allowed about 250 in your database application and they are rock solid. When compared to Global Variables which can be lost if the code crashes, tempvars are good gear.