Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Windows 8 Phone

When it comes to mobile phones, I am not up with the times at all. For the last year I have fiddled around with a couple of cheap Google phones and they were ok. When I added the Swype keyboard entry system, those phones became pretty good. But it lacked one thing, my Calender and Contacts were hard to sync. I missed a meeting or two and enough was enough.

So when my mobile plan came up, I decided I had to stop being a Windows 8 doubter and hopefully get proper Outlook Exchange Synchronisation. I also didn't have pockets big enough for the new Samsung Android.4G phones (that is trouser pockets, not $$$ pockets). So I purchased a HTC 4G phone.


I totally love the very customisable main screen of the Windows 8 phone as shown in pictures 1 and 2. It makes the icons on Google and IOS look like a boring Desktop. In figure 1, I see all my emails, messages, and things I need to know at a glance. When I slide the screen up, I can see HTML pages and other apps.

My Outlook Exchange account now syncs beautifully. I now can sort out my email mess in a browser, in Outlook on a desktop and on my phone and it instantly changes in all the others. This is what a phone is meant to do.

What is missing is some apps and the totally slick Swype keyboard interface. Please Microsoft, pay Nuance to add it to Win 8 mobiles.

I now can see what Microsoft are trying to achieve with the UI of Windows 8, before I was only excited with the way it looks. And the phone fits very comfortably in my pocket.  All in all, the upgrade has been a success and here are the screen dumps

Screen 1: What I see on the home screen. 5 in Messaging means I have 5 unread SMS messages. At the top of the Date tile is the next Calendars task. Screen 2 is still the main screen which you get to by sliding the screen up. The white tiles are links to HTML pages in IE.

And the bottom of the main page is here. The stocks app updates at regular intervals.

Garry Robinson:
Access MVP and a not so clever mobile ph user.

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