Monday, February 04, 2013

Access 2013 - Wots in the Box

Access 2013 looks like it can be summed up by the following words  - SharePoint, SQL Server, Macros, Azure, Office 365 (this may not be ready) in an environment called MS Access Web Apps

So if you are looking for the upside, my guess is it may be an environment where Access programmers can generate solutions that run in more worldly places than our conventional files server solutions. I believe we had better hope that all those big companies with SharePoint find this is a great idea and then they start looking for people with Access skills to build these apps. Only grandfather time will reveal if this is going to come about.

Remember when installing a new version of MS Access to test, always install with the additional options and do not remove your old version of Office. Generally I like to only add Access and leave Excel and Word at the lower levels.

Note:  Access was included in the Office 365 Home Premium pack, something people can rent for 15$ a month or thereabouts. That's a positive sign.


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אלוני said...

access 2013 don't support adp files !!!