Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Microsoft Surface

Its long, its skinny and thin and has a keyboard and its a tablet.  Its Microsoft Surface and read more here

Lets hope it flys, Ipad IOS is like Fort Knox to find and manipulate files.

I like long and skinny, reading is easier if your eyes dont have to wander too far across the screen. Witness columns in a newspaper.  Take this and imagine that MS shrinks this using the same screen ratio just like Apple Ipad and Iphone.  Then you have a long skinny phone.  At least its different and it may fit good in the hand.

My comment on the Ipad vs Surface article here...

I program in Microsoft Office so an Ipad was not a big thing for me. But I bought one for each of the kids. For them its now a portable YouTube device after the initial rush of garage band and ipad games. Now they play games on PC internet and Xbox and leave the Ipad games for car trips.  But for me the Ipad has been fantastic for reviewing documents and designing my house in a 3D cad program for the Ipad. Its the finger zoom function that totally rocks and when you share files that with Dropbox on the PC, the Ipad becomes an amazingly productive file and picture viewer. But this functionality will be available from day one on the Surface.  I think this new machine will totally rock. Also i read the longer narrower shape of the Surface is the perfect shape for a woman's handbag. This could become the perfect place for computerised interactive shopping lists. Final word USB 2 and 3. Say no more.

Great follow up post at zdnet on the awesome hardware that is Surface