Thursday, March 15, 2012

A New High Quality Website in 8 hours - you decide

I was bouncing around looking for a online website builder for my youtube posting mad eight year old when I stumbled across Weebly. The fact that it was one of 50th biggest websites in the world caught my eye. So I dived in. In 20 minutes I saw a lot of potential. 8 hours later I had revamped my boring old company website and here is the new home for my business information. If you like that, try the same site in your android phone or iphone, it is optimised for small screens as well. If you want to create your own weebly site, follow this link,

The only caveat for a site like this is it only does what it does. If you want something customised, you are restricted to being able to add some html code and thats about it.

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