Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The sun maybe getting ready for a cold phase

One of my geology buddies, Ian Levy, found the rather cold Australian summer was getting him down. So he wrote a paper on global temperature trends. Unfortunately for all those global meltdown enthusiasts, he put together a thesis that I concur with, Man does effect global temperatures but there are much bigger forces at play.
Ian writes "The soon‐to‐be released mean global surface temperature results for calendar year 2011 will be more important than most years for those who believe that the sun dominates our climate to such an extent that human‐induced carbon dioxide is only a minor influence on our global climate."  Read the full article called 2011 – A Watershed Year for Global Temperature Trends? here

Here is an alternative paper discussing the same cooling trend

Bottom line for Aussies is dump the tax on carbon.


YouMike said...

Good article, Gary. I'm glad you posted it. There is however a related issue which often gets confused in "global warming" debates. I'm referring to the fact that we are using finite resources, mainly fossil fuel, more quickly than it is being replaced. I suggest that this is immoral and unfair to future generations. See a book called "Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight" by Thom Hartmann for a more eloquent explanation.

Wayne said...

No, in fact, over the last 30 years of global warming, the sun has shown a slight cooling trend while the earth has been warming. See Solar activity & climate: is the sun causing global warming?

And the source your friend used, bom.gov.au, as expected concludes that the globe is warming. See Global climate variability & change. But nothing is said about solar activity being the prime cause.

In fact, the Bureau of Meterology states, "This enhanced greenhouse
effect results from an increase in the atmospheric
concentrations of the so-called greenhouse gases,
such as carbon dioxide and methane, and is widely believed to be responsible for the observed
increase in global mean temperatures through the
20th century." This is from their publication "The Greenhouse Effect and Climate Change."

Below is another direct quote:
"There have been attempts to explain the global
temperature trends of the past century in terms of
sunspot-based measures of solar activity. Some
correlation is evident between average sunspot
numbers and temperature trends (Figure 18) and
correlation has been identified between the length
of the sunspot cycle and northern hemisphere
mean temperature anomalies. At this stage, in the
absence of identified causal linkages, this finding
has not generally been accepted by the scientific
community as having any real significance as the
‘explanation’ for the pattern of temperature
changes over the last century."

Wayne said...

So, who are you going to believe, one geologist or 97% of the world's professional climatologists?

Garry Robinson said...

If we are really keen on solving world problems, we would make the switch from coal to natural gas easier. All these other high cost low impact solutions are not helping anyone. Both Australia and USA have discover huge sources of natural gas in the last few years. Lets win this battle before we do all the dopey green things that achieve little.