Monday, January 23, 2012

Saving All Tables To Comma Delimited Text Files

Before I started programming using Access 2, I was involved with a database of geological data that cost $50 million to put together. Another company bought the project, did nothing with the data for five years, and in the end couldn't read the backup tapes. When we were asked to help, we managed to recover the text data backups from our tapes, and these were used to build a reasonable copy of the database. We also recovered the database files from tapes, but the format was proprietary, and the software that could read the proprietary format was long gone. This is why I occasionally export database tables to text files. I dont trust files that that cannot be read with a text editor.

This story shows you how to export all the tables in an Access database, linked or standard Access format, to text files that you can read with Excel or a text editor. It then shows you how to read them back into a blank MS Access database.

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