Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2003 Articles - My Race is now over

For the last two years I have been working on getting the greatest Microsoft Articles magazine, Smart Access online and getting them to you guys as articles. To do that I had to concentrate on just getting the Smart Access articles online and linked and didnt worry too much about whether they were suited to Access 2007 and 2010.  From now on I will concentrate on 2007+ ready content because just about all of our client work happens in these versions of Office.

Before those articles roll off the press, I am going to use the tools in Help and Manual to upgrade the content to HTML5. Hopefully this will not take too long. 

This is what I looked like when I first started programming in Access 2

Out of Sync Cascading Combo Boxes and Subforms

Andy Baron, authors of Access books and who is now working as a Natural Therapist, wrote an article for Smart Access Answers way back in 1998. In this he discusses cascading combo boxes and keeping them in sync and problems you can have with users who fill in the sub-form before the main form.

Having problems handling text that includes quotation marks ?

In this article, Doug Steele describes how you can handle quotations in SQL strings and queries that you may throw at either Access or SQL Server. At the end of the article you may still be confused but at least you will know where to come back to when you next tackle this thorny problem. I personally like the cQuote/Chr$(34) solution, its the easiest to read.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Lighter than a feather

Australian scientists have invented a material that is so light that it takes 10 seconds to float to the ground from shoulder hight.  Interestingly it is made from nickel and at the moment they don't know what it will be used for.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Love Your Ipad

Here is an article on why I love my Ipad and because I have an Ipad, here are my thoughts.

The I stands for Individual / Island / Isolatated

The Ipad will empower your reading of online content and it will give you access to many apps that you never thought you wanted but now do for a while. But it wont do much for the Access programmer apart from give them a look at the dark side.

For me if I had a choice now, I would buy a lightweight powerful computer with 4hrs battery life for taking around and a 6inch Amazon black and white Kindle for easy reading and 15 day+ battery life. I plug my lightweight laptop into a decent screen and keyboard when in the office.

The Ipad has shown the way, its now upto Apples competitors to finally get a good tablet out there and allow us more choices than heavy laptops with low battery life.

Garry Robinson

PS. You cannot right click on a iPad, that leaves most Apps with fewer context sensitive options.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Cool Tricks for the Sophisticated Developer

Chris Weber addresses questions about report totals, splash screens, trapping keystrokes, managing control widths, when there's more in a memo than meets the eye, triple state check boxes and yes there is more...

Shrink-Wrapped or Do-it-yourself Queries

This article explains how to use multiple queries, both canned and custom-built, to build an application using only one form and a report. This should empower your users to become more productive and efficient by rolling their own queries.

Efficient SQL by Peter Vogel

Peter Vogel looks at some of the general issues around creating SQL queries that run quickly. Read the PDF article here.