Sunday, October 09, 2011

Chronology Of Early Days of Apple

Here is early history of Apple. It shows that Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak were visionaries long before a graphics monitor came along. 

Just for perspective and because I never purchased a Mac, here is the early history of the IBM PC.  Trust me, the XT was slow and you were forever shuffling floppy disks. The AT was quite usable, we started running quite a bit of mining software on it when it came out. Our IT manager who liked Vax Mini computers at 500k a pop was not too pleased. The users won out in the end, the Vax was then only used for Accounting and the mining guys switched to PC's and Unix boxes for large scale graphics processing. This was late in the 1980's. At this stage I started programming with Informix 4GL, a programming language not unlike Visual Basic for Applications inside MS Access.

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