Tuesday, July 26, 2011

List Boxes, Slow Forms, Access Bugs, and More

In this jumbo-sized edition of Access Answers you’ll find out about a subtle Access list box bug "row source is too long", forms that open slower every day, some more obvious bugs, and how to avoid using edit masks (and why you’d want to).  Read more in the PDF article here

Monday, July 25, 2011

Top values and Other Ken Getz Hints from the Good Ol' Days

In 1996, Ken took on three topics: modifying the Top Values property of a query, selecting items from a hierarchical list on a form, and why two equivalent strings really aren't.  Read the article here

Garry's Notes "I thought it was interesting to see that Top Values was being supported back in 1996 and its still offered as a major feature in the 2010 Pivot table Ribbon."

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Peter Vogel on record locking in multi user environment - 2 PDF articles

Creating an effective Update statement in SQL can make all the difference in what data gets saved in a multi-user environment and what sort of performance you’ll get from your application. Peter Vogel discusses record locking and SQL statements.  Read the first article

Peter Vogel examined the issues around locking records and concluded that, most of the time, you dont want to lock your records. In this article, he reviews that discussion and then shows the code that you can use to avoid record locking. Read the second article here

User Preferences, Toggles, and Rocket Science

Maybe it isn't rocket science, but maintaining user preferences will make your applications more appealing. Follow along as Danny Lesandrini demonstrates how you can maintain a variety of user-defined options.  Read the article