Monday, April 18, 2011

We do what we do but is it enough ?

Every 6 months or so you should ask yourself, am I heading in the right direction with my job or am I just going where I want to go. If you are a software consultant, your clients will be your barometer. If your job mix consists of supporting lots of clients doing lots of different short jobs, changes will be gradual. If your job mix is one of 3 month contracts, a down period could easily drag on from a few weeks and turn into a few months.

My rule on managing this is simple, if you are making lots of dough, don't push extra hard, if you are not making much dough, work/train/learn/market yourself real hard till the money comes back. No paid work is not the time for golf and holidays, part timers generally become more part time than they want to be.

Peter Vogel discusses this in an editorial entitled  Is Programming Enough? back in 1997. 

Note: I loved reading Peter's editorial every month back in the good old days, I hope I can get you interested in the ones that are still relevant today in this newsletter.  Garry

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