Friday, March 11, 2011

vb123 Knowledge Base - How It Has Grown

A couple of years ago I purchased the rights to publish and sell what was one of the best Microsoft Access knowledge bases, Smart Access. The other good resources were Access Advisor which morphed into a VB/ASP/Access magazine and Inside Access, a lesser know but reasonable magazine.

So when I purchased that and put 100 or so articles online, I was left with a decision, switch to writing Access 2007/2010 articles or continue to find and make articles available from the collection. As it is time consuming to write more than 2 good new articles a month, I decided it was best to keep putting the Smart Access online as I could do this at a much faster pace.  There are now hundreds of articles online at and a large number of them I haven't mentioned in my newsletter yet.

These articles appear in two formats now.  html pages that are linked and properly indexed and available in the online search pane and PDF files that are only linked and really can only be found in Google or Bing.  In the last 6 months I put 150 PDF's online as these were quicker to publish than the HTML format. In this newsletter, you will see articles from Tobi Hoffman about Citrix and Invisible Forms, one in PDF and one in HTML format. That should demonstrate the formats.
The catch: The only way to get the Smart Access articles in their entirety is to purchase them.  Many of the readers have already done this, thanks, that simply encourages me to do more work online. The other catch is that the download databases that accompany most of the articles must be purchased.

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