Friday, March 18, 2011

Microsoft - Millions of Reasons Why They Are Still The Force

Here are some interesting stats.  Kinect for the Xbox is the fastest growing electronic gadget to the 10 million mark.  Windows 7 has many more sales than Ipads/macs to the tune of 14 to one last time I looked. 2 million downloads of IE 9 in the first day.  Watch for this note on Windows 64 Bit IE9.  IE9 definitely loaded one of my complex web pages a lot faster.   BTW: The separate search box in IE9 is actually the windows address box. If you press Ctrl E keys, the search box opens instantly and you can start typing the search terms.  Also press the F11 key and IE9 looks sensational. Good ol' Microsoft, right clicks and hot keys, you dont get that in Ipad world.

Caveat: IE9 doesnt work so well on some websites (logmein is my bugbear) so I am downloading a different browser for those. I have used multiple browsers with multiple home pages for years anyway so no big deal

Here is a picture of IE9 with the old menu
Don't forget the hidden achievement of Microsoft in the last 2-3 years, switching from 32 Bit computing to 64 bit computing so that we can start to use more than 3.2 gigabytes of memory on our laptops and desktops. Something that probably was as hard in engineering terms as building and launching a satellite that takes photos of the earth.

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