Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Steve Jobs - A Truly Remarkable Documentary

This video goes for 45 minutes, it explains all about Steve Jobs and it is well worth watching. The bit that I really liked was the reminder that whilst Steve Jobs was in the wilderness, he founded and almost spent all of his money on two companies "Pixar" and "NEXT". Pixar was an astounding company IMHO and NEXT was taken over for 400 million dollars by Apple because they wanted the Operating System. Since then the successes have flowed at an astounding rate.

But before you think I am going all mushy about Apple, they are still a company who basically produces consumer products and their products still cost too much.

At the moment, the best Apple purchase for Microsoft focused people is the Apple ITouch, its an iPhone without the phone and it works the same on a wireless network.  See the video

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